Starting school September 2019? Come and look at Ark Castledown

Ark Castledown welcomes you to visit for prospective September 2019 Reception children. No appointment is necessary - we look forward to meeting you!

Tuesday 13th November:         9.30am

Wednesday 14th November:    9.30am

Thursday 15th November:        1.30pm

Want to apply for a place?  Click here for further information.

Year 4 at the Jerwood Gallery

At the end of last term, as part of Year 4's Pearls of the Sea project, the two classes visited the Jerwood gallery. They focussed on activities which helped them make more detailed observations and started to look at many of the patterns architects put into buildings. All of the children who participated thoroughly enjoyed the experience and produced some excellent work using new tools such as a pair of compasses. We look forward to the next instalment when the gallery artist visits Ark Castledown to continue the project.