Vision and Values

Vision and values

Ark is an education charity and one of the country’s top-performing school networks. We believe that education can transform lives. Each school in the Ark network is unique and has its own ethos and character, but we all share the same mission: to give every child the very best start so that, when the time comes, they’re able to go on to university or the career of their choice.

The principles of Ark are captured in our six pillars:

1. High Expectations: We believe that, with the right teaching and support, every child is capable of going on to university or into a rewarding career. So we encourage children to aim high in everything they do.

2. Exemplary Behaviour: In school, nothing makes a bigger difference to a child than great teaching. We work especially hard to recruit, train and support excellent teachers.

3. Excellent Teaching: We are a warm, happy and inclusive school. We treat each other with courtesy and respect, and we praise and reward good behaviour and effort.

4. Depth Before Breadth: Doing well in English and maths is really important for pupils, as it helps them to succeed in other areas. That’s why all our children have literacy, English and maths lessons every day.

5. More Time For Learning: To make sure children have enough time both for core subjects and for extra-curricular activities, many of our schools run a longer school day. Others are open at weekends and during school holidays, offering masterclasses and revision sessions. Many Ark schools offer residential stays, day trips and summer schools. In every school, no time is wasted - every hour of every day is devoted to children learning.

6. Knowing Every Child: We know that children do best at school when families and staff work together. So we make sure that every child knows, and is known by, every adult in the school. We also work closely with families, keeping them up to date with how their children are doing and helping them to support their children outside school hours.

Ark Castledown Primary Academy's Mission:

We believe in the potential of every child who joins Ark Castledown Primary Academy and will strive to create an Academy which provides each student with the best possible start in life. We want every student at Ark Castledown Primary Academy to do well enough by age 18 to go to university or to follow the career path of their choice.

We will do everything possible to ensure that every child achieves age related expectations andabove, every year. We won't accept excuses and we won't make any either. We take responsibility for nurturing and developing the personal qualities of every student and will emphasise the importance of exemplary behaviour. 

We provide our staff with the tools and support to build a strong learning culture in their classrooms. Teaching at Ark Castledown Primary Academy strives to be excellent. Our team of dedicated teachers are committed to all our children's success.

We believe that children whose parents/carers are involved and interested in their learning do well. We involve parents/carers in their children's learning and encourage them to be active members of the Academy community. Parent communication is organised to encourage wide participation and honest conversation. We expect parents/cares to support their children's educational aspirations and achievements. 


Our moto:

Sharing Aspirations & Achievement.

This represents Ark Castledown's values:


Our values:

C   -   Challenge and Consideration

A    -  Achievement and Aspirations

S   -   Sharing and Support

T   -   Teamwork and Trust

L   -   Love of Learning

E   -   Equality and Empathy