New Reception Year pupil intake for September 2018

Congratulations to all those allocated a September 2018 Reception Year place at Ark Castledown.  Please remember to return paper copies of  your completed admission forms to our school office as soon as possible to confirm your acceptance. If you have been offered but do not wish to take up your place, please do let the school office know as soon as possible so that the place can be allocated to another pupil. Paper copies of the admission forms are available from the school office. 

Meet the Staff

Senior Leadership Team
Name Role
Lorraine Clarke Regional Director/Executive Principal
Charlotte Phillip Head of School
Simon Hawthorn Acting Deputy Head
Sam Bowe Regional Lead - Teaching & Learning
Victoria Harrington Regional Lead - Teaching & Learning
Frances Nicholls SENCo
Lesley Bowles Business Manager


Middle Leadership Team
Name Role
  EYFS Lead
  KS1 Lead
Abigail Adam KS2 Lead
Charlotte Phillip Maths Mastery Lead
Victoria Harrinton English Lead
Charlotte Phillip KS2 Maths Lead


Class Teachers
Name Role
Lisa Wheatlry EYFS Class Teacher
Tara Bradley EYFS Class Teacher
Rebecca Benge EYFS Class Teacher
Ros Edworthy Year 1 Class Teacher
Simone Biggerstaff Year 1 Class Teacher
Sophie Nation Year 2 Class Teacher
Catriona Malone Year 2 Class Teacher
Laura Godden Year 3 Class Teacher
Susannah Ayers Year 3 Class Teacher
Simon Jupp Year 4 Class Teacher
Debbie Noakes (0.6) Year 4 Class Teacher
Claire Nice (0.4) Year 4 Class Teacher
Sam Henham Year 5 Class Teacher
Cherie Saunders Year 5 Class Teacher
Abigail Adam Year 6 Class Teacher
Milton Miltiadou Year 6 Class Teacher


Inclusion Team
Name Role
Frances Nicholls SENCo
Joanne Davis

Kym Browning

Pastoral Manager

Engagement & Learning Mentor

Shelley Wilkinson Engagement & Learning Mentor
Liam Mann Engagement & Learning Mentor
Claire Blower Speech & Language Teaching Assistant
Elaine Cruttehdeh Speech & Language Teaching Assistant
Carol O'Prey Phonics (RWI) Teaching Assistant
Claire Du Randt Inclusion Officer


Individual Needs Assistants
Name Role
Kylie Hobbs Individual Needs Assistant
Teresa McClure Individual Needs Assistant
Zena Wilson Individual Needs Assistant


Teaching Assistants
Name Role
Louise Blake Deputy Nursery Manager
Michelle Bance EYFS (Nursery Practitioner)
Toni Holden EYFS (Nursery Practitioner)
Charlotte Hardcastle EYFS (Reception)
Jade Gibbons EYFS (Reception)
Sara Gurr Year 1
Sally Franklin Year 1
Ema Sellens Year2
Ann Jones Year 2
Chloe Haynes Year 3
Sally Gander Year 3
Hazel Okines Year 4
Raine Jefferies Year4
Nancy Strivens Year 5
Miranda Landsell Year 5
Ellie Sloan Year 5 ITT
Jane Taylor Year 6
Kate Ward Year 6


Midday Supervisors
Name Role
Lisa Harmer Mid-Day Supervisor
Teresa McClure Mid-Day Supervisor
Paul McClure Mid-Day Supervisor
Kate Ward Mid-Day Supervisor
Zena Wilson Mid-Day Supervisor


Breakfast/After School Club
Name Role
Sally Franklin Lead Breakfast Club
Tracey Huggett Lead After School Club
Sally Franklin Assistant
Teresa McClure Assistant
Kate Ward Assistant
Liam Mann Assistant


Office/Site Supervision Staff
Name Role
Lesley Bowles Business Manager
Ruth Newham-Bentley School Secretary
Nina Johns School Receptionist
Paul McClure Site Manager
Rebecca Baldwin Cleaner
Georgina Carman Cleaner
Charlotte Hardcastle Cleaner
Dorinda Payne Cleaner
Nancy Strivens Cleaner