Our local uniform supplier is Super Stitch.

Free new uniform for current primary pupils:

Thank you for taking the time to get your children measured for the new uniform. Super Stitch will prepare a pack for each pupil with the new uniform. The incoming Reception class will also be eligible for the free pack.

The free pack will include:

  1. Fine knit blue V-neck jumper with Castledown logo
  2. Academy tie
  3. Two plain white shirt with buttoned collar
  4. For Year 5 and 6: grey Blazer with royal blue stripe and Castledown logo
  5. PE polo shirt with Castledown logo

Trousers and skirts are remaining black so you can continue to use your existing school trousers and skirts or purchase them from any high street or online store of your choice. PE shorts will be plain black as well. School book bags and rucksacks are optional so will not be provided as part of the free school uniform but will be available for purchase from Super Stitch. You may continue to use existing Castledown book bags.

Collecting your pack:

The uniform packs will be available for pick up from 7 September 2017 from Super Stitch’s show room but they will contact you if anything comes in earlier.

A letter will be sent to you from the school, which confirms that your child is a pupil at Castledown and eligible for a free uniform - please do bring this with you when you pick up your pack.

Nursery: Parents of nursery pupils will need to purchase their nursery jumpers with Castledown logo from Super Stitch. Plain black joggers, leggings and royal blue t-shirt are available from Super Stitch too but can be bought elsewhere.

We are very grateful to parents/carers for supporting the wearing of the following items: