Live and work in Hastings

Living and working in Hastings

Hastings, a town drenched with history and sunshine, is a great place to live and work. It’s known for its beautiful stretches of coastline, amazing countryside and of course its history - but the area has even more to offer. It has a reputation for fantastic festivals, including the famous May Day festival, as well as for fabulous seafood and it's thriving art community.

Hastings is also famous for its music scene, and has been described by a leading music journal as one of the UK’s most musical towns. Most of all, Hastings is great fun – it’s a quirky place where nobody would be surprised to stumble upon a group of people in fancy dress, trying to set a world record for the number of pirates gathered on a beach. Have a look at or to find out more.

Staff relocating

The housing in Hastings is very affordable. The town is also very well connected to London, Brighton and other parts of Sussex. These are just some of the reasons why teachers are choosing to relocate to teach in our Hastings schools. We’re excited that teachers are choosing to relocate, and are happy to help them to do so - we may be able to offer relocation bonuses for certain vacancies. Please get in touch to find out more.

Ark Hastings Hub

Ark William Parker Academy is part of Ark’s Hastings ‘hub’ – alongside Helenswood Academy, Ark Little Ridge Primary Academy, Ark Blacklands Primary Academy and Ark Castledown Primary Academy.

The schools work in close collaboration with a shared vision and shared resources. While each school retains its ethos and values, the Ark Hastings hub allows staff to share ideas and develop their careers across several academies.

All five schools have a long history in Hastings and we believe that working together we can provide outstanding educational opportunities for students in the area.  We are building on working together closely, offering our students the best of both worlds – a strong education with great extra –curricular activities.


Take a look here to see what Quentin Blake loves about Hastings: