The Castledown RE curriculum develops children’s knowledge and understanding of different beliefs, cultures and backgrounds and respect these of the people they will meet throughout their lives. The importance of caring for one another and developing positive relationships regardless of beliefs, cultures and backgrounds is an integral part of our school life.  We also want to ignite the imagination and give children plenty to think about as they are encouraged to ask questions, become critical thinkers and develop a deep understanding of a whole range of religions. 

Children are taught though a range of engaging experiences where the children explore artefacts, meet members of the community, spot similarities and differences and are encouraged to debate ‘big’ questions.  This inspiring and valuable subject will help our children to become well informed and thoughtful members of our community which is a necessity for our current world and the rapidly changing world of tomorrow.   

An overview of the areas taught can be seen here: 

Ark Castledown Primary Academy RE Curriculum.pdf