At Ark Castledown, we know that a high-quality science education provides the foundations for understanding the world through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics. We provide our children with exciting, hands on opportunities to explore and investigate scientific phenomena to ensure a deep knowledge and understanding of the world around them which is ever changing and evolving.  

Science encourages children to be curious about scientific concepts by asking questions, taking risks, experimenting and reflecting on their findings. Within lessons, children are immersed in scientific vocabulary which allows them to confidently make predictions, analyse what is occurring and explain what they have found out.  

Above all, our aim for science at Ark Castledown, is for our children to be inspired, excited and in awe of the science that they can investigate and create.  

In all the units, working scientifically is a focus within lessons encouraging children to enquire, observe, question, test, classify and evaluate. Children are given regular opportunities to become scientists and use these skills for a range of investigations throughout their primary school experience.  

Science is taught weekly in our school where children are expected to present their knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts using correct, topical vocabulary when explaining their findings and ideas in their science books. In addition to their weekly science lessons, at Ark Castledown, we celebrate British Science Week where children are immersed in science activities alongside the other core subjects of English, Maths and Computing.  

An overview of the areas taught can be seen here: 

Ark Castledown Primary Academy Science Curriculum.