Covid -19 Expanding Provision Guidance

Update on school plans for re-opening - 29- May

Following on from the Government’s announcement, where they confirmed that schools can begin reopening from June 1st, we can now update you on our planning for a phased and gradual return to school for our pupils.

The safety, health and wellbeing of everyone in the school is, of course our highest priority. To prioritise the safety of our pupils and staff, we are not able to accommodate all the year groups the government has identified immediately. A phased opening will be taken that is subject to a continuous risk assessment, so may change for safety reasons if necessary. The time school starts and ends for your year group will also be different to normal school hours.

Full details of our plans can be found in the documents below:

School day timings:

Community Classrooms: 9.00am -3.00pm

Reception: 9.30am – 3.00pm

Year 1: 9.00am – 2.30pm

Year 6: 8.30am – 2.00pm

Nursery (30hr): 8.30am-3.15pm

Year 5: 8.45am- 2.45pm