At Ark Castledown we are committed to ensuring our pupils make outstanding progress in all subjects.  Our curriculum is founded on a progressive, knowledge-rich, research-based humanities programme of study.  Our pupils will experience exemplary teaching which will promote high quality engagement and enthusiasm to be resilient learners and conscientious individuals in their lessons. Through grit and confidence our pupils will achieve their full potential in all Humanities subjects. Children will become both self-aware and globally aware, understanding their own and others culture, morals both past and now.  

Additionally, our pupils will develop a range of knowledge and skills in all subject areas and they will be equipped to evaluate received opinion and make independent judgements.  

They will have a full awareness of the past, present and future in the world around them. They will not only be able to question, investigate and think critically about their place in the world, but they will also be able to consider their own values and responsibilities as global citizens.  Finally, our pupils will broaden their real- life experiences inside and outside of school through educational visits, exploration and experimentation. Pupils will also develop effective communication skills, enquiry and information handling abilities and skilful use of interpretation and evaluation skills.


History at Castledown inspires pupil curiosity and fascination about Britain’s past and that of the wider world including ancient civilisations.  At Castledown children gain historical knowledge and skills, not just through experiences in the classroom, but also with the use of fieldwork and educational visits.   

The History curriculum is filled with first-hand purposeful experiences which enable all children to expand their horizons and benefit from a breadth of cultural opportunities. These enrichment opportunities give children the chance to take on challenges and delve deeper to extend their understanding.


At Castledown, our Geography curriculum inspires a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people, anchored in their own lives and experience. We have a central focus on developing critical curiosity, reasoning, reflection, motivation and resilience, building from the characteristics of effective learning in the EYFS. Our Geography curriculum achieves this with first hand purposeful experiences which enable all children to expand their horizons and benefit from a breadth of cultural opportunities. These enrichment opportunities give them the chance to take on challenges, delve deeper to extend their understanding and recognise how they can show kindness and responsibility in their community and beyond.

Intellectual Preparation

Our knowledge-rich, progressive curriculum allows for every unit; Geography and History alike, to build upon prior learning.  The procedural knowledge (skills) are taught alongside the declarite knowledge (facts) to ensure children have the foundations for success in each subject. The web of knowledge grows as the children progress through their years at Primary, learning first that which is local and current for the children before building out from this. This knowledge is built year on year, as well as unit on unit, crossing both the Historic and Geographic domains allowing the children to explore and make disccoveries, drawing upon knwoeldge and creating links independently.

Humanities Curriculum Overview 2022 - 2023