Inclusion and Special Educational Needs (SEN)

At Ark Castledown, we believe that all children have the right to an exceptional education and the opportunity to develop strength and character across all curriculum areas, with the tools and personal motivation to succeed and become strong, independent adults. Our curriculum is designed to ensure that all pupils have access to a knowledge rich, broad and balanced curriculum that avoids lowering expectations and instead seeks to make reasonable adjustments and offer the additional support needed to achieve.

 It is the responsibility of all our teaching staff to support pupils in learning the concepts, knowledge and subject competencies required within each subject domain. A child with severe or complex needs may well take longer to acquire and build knowledge than other children, however that does not mean we should assume that it is irrelevant for them or limit our efforts to help them achieve it. How pupils complete learning tasks and the depth of their response may differ from pupil to pupil – where some pupils may require support both to comprehend and respond to learning, others may require challenge to further deepen knowledge and application. Our students feel successful in their learning because it is appropriately pitched and challenging for all.

At  Ark Castledown we pride ourself on having a strong sense of community where all adults strive to know and understand every child both academically and as a person. We work collaboratively , sharing good practice and delivering professional development, ensuring our teachers are skilled, capable, and ready to support those who need it. When difficulties or concerns arise, we ensure that through consultation with our SENCO and teaching staff early intervention is put in place to close gaps in learning, provide appropriate emotional support and ensure full access to the curriculum for all children.

Further information

For further information from East Sussex County Council about its Special Needs and Disability Local Offer please follow this link.

East Sussex has also commissioned ‘Amaze’ to provide independent advocacy and advice for families of children with SEND. They can be contacted via

The East Sussex SEND Stategy 2019 - 2021 can be viewed here. A summary for families is also available.