As a school we greatly value the contribution music makes to everyday life and ensure all children learn how to read, play and compose music. Fostering an enjoyment of music, whether listening to it, singing and/ or playing an instrument. 

Our Ark Castledown Curriculum gives pupils the opportunity to develop understanding of music building an ethos of musical enjoyment and proficiency, for both pupils and teachers.

We believe music plays a vital role in the development of pupils in all aspects of learning; from reasoning, language, memorisation and coordination.  We have invested in our music programme this year, with a vocal coach, ukulele teacher and ambitious curriculum to build cultural captial for our pupils.

Our extra curricular and enrichment opportunties in music give our children the chance to experience a broad, ambitious curriculum including African drumming to Samba concerts. 

Each year group builds on the previous, through a greater complexity of sone, genre and style.  While they revisit and develop understanding through the same over arching key musical concepts.

Music curriculum map