Religious Education

At Ark Castledown we understand the importance of teaching a broad and balanced high quality RE Curriculum. Our RE curriculum provides our pupils with knowledge and understanding of the world’s major religions and promotes tolerance and acceptance of different beliefs. Drawing on the British Values our children are taught to respect and value the beliefs of people they might meet throughout their lives.

We follow the East Sussex Local Authority Agreed Syllabus for RE where pupils study Christianity alongside other major religions such as Judaism, Islam and Hinduism.

RE is taught through Drop Down Days where all pupils have one day per term where they become fully immersed in their learning. It allows pupils to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the religion they are learning about that term. We use a resource created by Discovery RE to support planning.

Pupils in EYFS explore mainly Christianity, learning about Christian celebrations and festivals. They also explore places of special meaning and special stories.

Pupils in KS1 continue to develop their knowledge of Christianity and also learn about Judaism and Islam. In both year groups pupils start to make connections across different religions as thematic units are explored. Towards the end of each year pupils bring together their knowledge to discuss and compare religions.

Pupils in KS2 build upon the knowledge they have gained in Christianity, Judaism and Islam and they are also introduced to Hinduism. Pupils are encouraged to think critically as they continue to study thematic units where they are able to make comparisons and explore and discuss important questions.

Parents/carers are able to withdraw their child from RE or collective worship but should discuss this with the Principal.