At Ark Castledown, we know that a knowledge rich, inclusive science education provides all our children with the tools to understand the ever changing and evolving world: through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry, and physics. We provide our children with exciting, hands on experiential learning to explore and investigate and to deepen their knowledge and skills in working scientifically.

Science encourages children to be curious about scientific concepts by asking questions, taking risks, experimenting, and reflecting on their findings. Within lessons, children are immersed in scientific vocabulary which allows them to confidently make predictions, analyse what is occurring and explain what they have found out.

Above all, our aim for science at Ark Castledown, is for our children to be inspired, excited and in awe of the science that they can investigate and create.

Ark Curriculum Plus provides us with a research-based, knowledge rich progression, aligned to the National Curriculum (and beyond) supporting our teachers with the knowledge they need to inspire curiosity and ignite a love for science. This ambitious curriculum is interwoven with retrieval practice and memorable learning opportunities to make science fun and learning sticky.

Science is taught weekly across the school with teachers engaging children in active learning, oracy, discussions, debates, investigations, and experiments.

Science should not be and is not a standalone subject within our school, cross curricular opportunities are seen in Maths, English, and humanities to name just a few. Our emphasis this year in reading has also seen science woven through Reading lesson also, as well as reading being seen in science!

Science week is loved and enjoyed by all. Children are emersed across the week in a range of science activities that build confidence, curiosity, and enquiry for science.

Curriculum overview 2022 - 2023