I am delighted to welcome you to Ark Castledown Primary Academy.Charlotte Phillip

On 18 September 2017 Ark Castledown Primary Academy opened its doors to pupils – proud to serve the local children of Hastings. The school is part of the Ark network and is closely linked to Ark Blacklands and Ark Little Ridge. 

We are a school dedicated to providing a safe and stimulating learning environment for your children, enabling them to grow and flourish. We offer a curriculum that focuses first and foremost on our children becoming confident and capable readers, writers and mathematicians. These key, lifelong skills are then enriched and developed through a creative and varied curriculum, both inside and outside the classroom. We want our pupils to develop the skills, aspiration and self-confidence they need to succeed in 21st century Britain; providing them with an education that enables them to go on to university or a career of their choice.

As a community, we can help and support one another to plan and strive for constant improvement. We value strong relationships between children, parents and school and will work tirelessly to ensure that we aim high and achieve together.

Over the months and years to come, we will undertake a journey to rapidly improve all aspects of the school; emulating the dramatic success of other Ark schools, whilst retaining the special sense of team and family which is unique to Ark Castledown. I am proud to be part of this journey and am immensely excited by all of the successes to come.

I look forward to meeting you and to working in partnership with you and your child. 

Warmest regards,

Charlotte Phillip

Head of School


Message from Lorraine Clarke, Regional Director, Ark  

Lorraine Clarke

Welcome to Ark Castledown Primary Academy, a community primary school serving the children of Hastings. We are a two-form entry school meaning that we have 60 pupils in each year group, from nursery to year 6. Our staff make a tremendous effort to get to know each and every pupil individually, in order to provide the very best care they can for them. 

Our vision for our pupils is clear: we are working so that every child who attends Ark Castledown will be academically and socially equipped for success at secondary school – and beyond that – to go on to university or the career of their choice. 

At Ark Castledown Primary Academy we have high expectations for all our pupils. We are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to ensure that all of our pupils succeed. Our curriculum places an emphasis and clear focus on English and mathematics. Skills learnt in these subjects provide the foundations for all learning, but rest assured that there are also many other opportunities for students to explore and develop their other skills and talents. Our curriculum includes a broad range of enrichment activities such as humanities, music, PE, the arts and more.  

We became an Ark school in 2017, which means that we are now part of a strong network of schools across the country. We will have particularly close links with other Ark schools here in Hastings: Ark Blacklands Primary Academy, Ark Little Ridge Primary Academy, Ark Helenswood Academy and Ark William Parker Academy.  There will be many opportunities for us to collaborate and learn from each other.

I also believe that our school will benefit from close links with the wider local community. As Regional Director, I work very closely with the Principals of Hastings Academy Trust, TKATT, DCAT and local authority maintained schools. Additionally, I am a member of county working groups and panels, including the highly successful Hastings Primary Placement Panel, all of whom are working to ensure our pupils are part of an inclusive and nourishing learning environment here in Hastings.

I offer you a very warm welcome.

Lorraine Clarke

Regional Director