Look how much Crumble has grown!

We’ve received our first Pupdate from Guide Dogs and we can’t believe how much Crumble has grown.

Isn’t she beautiful! Justine, Crumble’s Puppy Raiser, told us that Crumble has settled in really well at home and gets on brilliantly with her other sponsored puppy. She says Crumble is confident, very affectionate and friendly to everyone. She loves her soft toys and often plays with her cuddly teddy bear. She is a fast learner, has great recall and is starting to learn some cues like ‘sit’, ‘down’ and ‘stand’. Justine plays the bucket game when it’s time for grooming: when Crumble looks at the bucket full of food, she can brush her, when Crumble looks away, it’s time for her to stop!!!